10 Relationship Blogs And Resources Worth Visiting

I spend a lot of my time reading what other bloggers have to say about relationships, not only is it a topic that genuinely interests me, but it is also a fantastic way for me to crystallize my own thoughts before comitting them to “paper”.

The downside to this vast cosmos of personal relationship experiences is that most of it, ironically enough, isn’t all that personal. And rather than having the courage to expose a heartfelt personal opinion, much of the advice is stale and worn, because the underlying intent is not to communicate, but to ram home a product or marketing gimmick.

With this in mind, this is my list of 10 relationship blogs that I feel offer us heartfelt feedback that isn’t attempting to abuse or manipulate us in a moment of weakness.

1. Love Shack

Not a blog, but an entire community of people who are dealing with every sort of relationship issue imaginable.

As with any online community, it attracts all sorts, but as I (being an active member there myself) found out myself, the vast majority of users are very forthcoming with their opinions and are quick to offer support.

Getting feedback is as simple as getting a free account and posting a thread summarizing your issue on the appropriate sub-forum. The ensuing feedback is both timely and disparate.

The main advantage to choosing a community over a blog is that at the very least we are sure that the discussions we engage in are interest-free. There are no selling points, only a very palpable sense of mutual support.

2. The Psychology Today Blogs

The already useful website Psychology today offers a neat constellation of blogs written by qualified doctors and researchers on a vast amount of highly specialized issues.

While the topics at hand are not solely about relationships, you can scroll down to the appropriate “relationship” section and find a valuable trove of related information.

Who is this for? Well, the articles aren’t quite as personal and colloquial as others I will be suggesting, but if you are looking for the scientific side of human relationships rather than a personal, subjective experience, here you go!

3. Seriously Maybe

Seriously Maybe is very much a classic relationship blog, the kind I find endearing because of the prominent use of the first person when discussing personal subjects. I like authors who take responsibility for their words, without attempting to sound as if they are a dispenser of facts, rather than personal experience.

Seriously Maybe is a fine fit for those of us who prefer an “over-coffee”, face to face, atmosphere rather than a more clinical approach (even if the author admittedly does have some qualification in the field of psychology).

4. Dating Advice

Dating Advice is a well known face in the relationship universe, and a solid platform for food for thought.

Far from being just a blog, it also hosts its own relationship community, and serves as a gathering point for support and advice. As such, it meshes together aspects of all the characteristics of the websites I’ve mentioned so far.

If you’re looking for a bit of this and a bit of that, rather than something specific, Dating Advice may very well be a one-stop solution to getting the feedback or support you need.

5. Ask Men

Right, I’ll be frank here. I have a love-hate relationship with Ask Men. On the one hand many of their authors and articles have an uncompromising aspect to them that I admire. The problem with this of course, and on the other hand, is that often I feel the advice can be overly simplistic and occasionally even condescending.

While Ask Men is marketed as a resource for men (not limited to relationships, but to all things men), for this very reason it may well provide women with equally valuable insights. If nothing else it is an interesting psychological experience, even if the verdict is that the advice is all too often gimmicky and superficial (there is great stuff there too, but you have to be willing to dig).

6. Reddit (Subreddits)

Reddit is a website that features a multiverse of highly specialized user-run interactive sub-forums called subreddits. Due to the incredible traffic Reddit receives (currently the 31th most visited site in the world), there is literally a subreddit for just about anything. And when I say anything, I do mean anything.

  • Want to track the progress of your no-contact routine? There’s a subreddit for that.
  • Want to vent more generally about your breakup? There’s a subreddit for that.
  • Want to become part of a very active relationship community? Guess what, there’s a subreddit for that too.

There’s nothing quite like Reddit to remind you just how common even the most exotic of emotional quagmires can be (not that that makes it any easier of course).  Reddit is an excellent resource for those who don’t mind investing a little time in understanding how to browse and find exactly what they are looking for.

7. eNotAlone

eNotAlone is another forum-based community resource, not entirely dissimilar in nature to Love shack. The main difference between eNotAlone and a pure forum, is that it offers a large selection of content as well. Although admittedly, it functions primarily as a community rather than a repository of articles.

Also, on a personal note, the community seems to be a little blunter than Love Shack, but perhaps that’s just me!

8. Kiss & Blog

A personal favorite! Rather than position itself as an exhaustive, all-encompassing resource, it is a very personal journey of thoughts, with every post exploring these blurbs of personalized logic. Did I mention how endearing I find these sorts of websites?

These terse yet interesting rationalizations make for very addictive reading, where you find yourself skipping and jumping from topic to topic with reckless abandon.

Kudos to Wombat for the great site!

 9. OkTrends

OkTrends is nothing other than OkCupid’s blog, and is — quite simply — awesome (as you’d expect from a website that has as much access as it does to relationship ins and outs). So what makes it so amazing?


Every post is chock-full of infographical data about dating and relationships. OkCupid’s mission to publicly disclose (non personally identifiable) data pertaining to the world of romance is exciting, and often leads to valuable insights or realizations that truly boggle the mind.

10. Relationship Hot-lines

No list of resources would be complete without adding an important support tool, and free anonymous hot-lines have proven to be invaluable to many.

This heading links to another related article of mine that does cover a little of what I’ve already discussed, but also details where you can get free support aimed at helping you cope with emotional fallout. If you feel the need to vent, or get qualified support, do not pass up this opportunity. There are literally no down-sides to picking up the phone and dialing these toll-free numbers!


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