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There’s No Such Thing As Breaking Up For No Reason

Being blindsided by a breakup is common. As is the feeling that, despite its growing pains and hiccups, the relationship didn’t deserve a premature death. But just because we didn’t

12 Proven Signs Your Ex Is Never Coming Back

This article is my negative counter-point to the more upbeat signs your ex is coming back. This time we’re dealing with the ugly flip-side of the relationship experience. Deciding whether

10 Excellent Qualities To Find In A Boyfriend (Or Husband)

This article isn’t about scoring your boyfriend (or potential boyfriend) on some imaginary scale of perfection. It’s about not taking for granted aspects of his character that are adding something

How Long Does It Actually Take To Get Over Someone?

You’ve asked your friends. You’ve confessed to your family. You might even have humiliated yourself before your studiously indifferent ex. “How long does it last?” they mused, “Oh, give it

Why No Contact Won’t Work To Get Them Back

As I’ve followed people and their breakups over the years, it has become increasingly clear to me that no contact is nearly always detrimental to reconciliation. These reasons are why

The Dumpers Regret Timeline After Being Dumped

Dumper’s regret (or remorse) isn’t like flipping a switch. Just as the process of moving on is marked by highs and lows, so to is the intensity and frequency of

How To Deal With A Monkey Branching Boyfriend

Is your monkey branching boyfriend laying the seeds of a future betrayal? Is that betrayal already here? Or is this all just a case of a person who didn’t get