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Hi, I’m James. The Unknown is a free online relationship advice repository and breakup support community. A home for those who don’t believe in magic bullets, but are looking for a ray of clarity to craft their own solutions.

The Comprehensive Breakup Survival Guide

breakup survival guide

This breakup survival guide is a personal collection of thoughts and realizations stemming from my own breakup experience. It is the bittersweet aftertaste of how I went from sleeping with my cellphone under the pillow, hoping my ex would call, to accepting a new romantic life without preconditions. This is the residue of my story, … Read more

Why It’s Normal To Still Love Your Ex After A Long Time


Let’s imagine for a second that love had an off switch that you could flip at will. The moment you sense relationship doom approaching you simply hammer away at your emotional panic button and off you go, into a rosy new dawn without a backward glance. Does that sound appealing? It might if you are … Read more

Why He Stopped Texting You And What To Do About It

man falling into hole

One minute you’re wading through a torrent of half-baked promises, flirtatious innuendos and emojis and the next… Well — the next he’s gone. Poof. Just like that. What happened? Did you scare him off? Did he meet someone else? Is he unwell? Was it something you said? Despite the abrupt ending to your communication, an … Read more

5 Compelling Signs Your Ex Deserves Another Chance

taking a chance

There’s no better tool than grief to push us outside of our comfort zone in order to find long term solutions to our problems. But most of the time the changes catalyzed by grief are unlikely to right past wrongs. Examples of this might include basic character mismatches, differences in core needs or the damage … Read more

The Complete Guide To Fixing Toxic Relationships

toxic landscape

Are you in a toxic relationship? If you feel like your trust in the relationship is being stretched to the limit, it’s time to formulate an action plan. Not just for our partner’s sake, but for our sake as living, breathing individuals with lives and aspirations, inside and outside of the relationship. But first, how … Read more

10 Clear Signs He’s Not Ready For A Relationship

confused couple

He says he likes you. He says he wants to be friends. But despite the innuendos and flirting he stops just short of making any real commitment. What’s going on here? #1 Hot And Cold Behavior His hot and cold behavior is the manifestation of the internal back and forth of his feelings. Sure, it … Read more

How To React When Someone You Love Hurts You Deeply

How To React When Someone You Love Hurts You Deeply 1

Only those that we love have the capacity to hurt us deeply. This ironic truth makes resolving the pain tricky because walking away isn’t always an option, nor is it always in our long term interest. The aim of this article is bridging the divide between reason and feeling, and how to reconcile our pain … Read more

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