About Me

What is the Unknown Breakup?

This website began as a breakup journal in 2011 that detailed my own struggle with loss and closure. After I left my musings alone for awhile I noticed that some of them had been blessed by comments and feedback. This was totally unexpected and not part of any long-term blogging plan.

It turns out that engaging with others in my situation was — bar none — the best way to seek acceptance and move forwards. Thus, the Unknown Breakup was born. A place for unknown dumpers and dumpees everywhere to engage and seek the opinion that might help them consolidate their own ideas.

Who is the Unknown?

About Unknown Breakup

My name is James Nelmondo and I am the sole author behind the “Unknown” blog. All I am is another guy with opinions. Hence why I chose the nickname the “Unknown”.

Do you offer relationship counseling?

I am neither a psychologist nor a mental health professional, so I wouldn’t call it counseling in a professional sense.

I do occasionally offer in-depth feedback via Email or Skype if it is something that is desired. 

But the premise is that all I offer is the truth as I see it, and nothing more. If you want a no-nonsense opinion, minus the gimmicks and tricks, without an E-book to sell you on the other end, then feel free head on over to the counseling page and take a gander.

As always, receiving feedback through article comments and Email is, and always will be free (though subject to availability, I tend to get swamped). You can get more detailed feedback in a timely fashion and support the website by receiving my one-on-one counseling. All for the price of a well crafted Espresso!

What is your relationship philosophy?

That there is no great human algorithm we can tap into for answers. Human behavior is not linear, because humans are the sum of their highly subjective experiences. 

While I may advocate strongly down certain relationship lines, I stand by the idea that there are no guarantees and that every case needs to be looked at in light of its own context. 

This is why I am not selling anything at the bottom of my articles (other than perhaps my time). Because nobody is an expert when it comes to being choked by their own insecurity. PhD or no PhD. 

personal opinion

Some Of Your Articles Are Contradictory

As of writing this paragraph the website is over eight years old. Because of this, the views expressed at the birth of this website are not necessarily the same views I hold now.

I’m pretty sure I’ve softened over time, and now take a less judgmental and more perceptive look at relationships than I did back then. As to which viewpoint is more accurate, I leave that to you!

Can I guest-post/Write an article?

By all means, assuming it is an original work and isn’t focused around selling something. This is a website that promotes personal experience, and the writing should respect this ideology. 

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