Welcome to the lair of the Unknown, a high-quality collection of personal relationship insights that relate to my experiences as both as dumper and a dumpee. My literature is primarily aimed towards aiding dumpees find their feet as quickly and naturally as possible, without all the quick-fix nonsense that is being irresponsibly propagated by those who would profit from your trauma.

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The Unknown?

I have chosen to remain faceless (no longer!) and nameless in order to be as objective and thorough as possible. Both for the benefit of myself, and for others. Knowing who I am benefits nobody, whether or not I am a relationship expert is irrelevant, I ask you to judge the weight of my opinions and suggestions for yourself. What I can claim, is that the lessons and strategies I have learned have vastly improved my flexibility and outlook with regards to relationships today, after a never ending cycle of learning the-hard-way.

Can I ask you a question?

Please do, although please remember that this website is a hobby of mine and not a job, therefore there might be a time-lapse before you get an answer (24-48 hours). Feel free to ask me anything regarding relationships, but I implore you to take my advice with a grain of salt, it is an opinion, not an irremovable truth.

Can I write an article on here?

I do entertain guest blogging, and would consider it an honor to have well written and informational articles by dumpees and dumpers on my website. Before submitting, please be aware that I hold all literature posted here to high-standards — both in terms of content and in terms of grammar!

All writers will retain ownership and copyright of their content. In addition, new authors will receive a customized (and optional) author bio along with the ability to reference their own endeavours. Aspiring contributors should read the submission requirements in their entirety before contacting me for an invite via the contact page.

Can I reprint your articles on my website?

Every single article on this website has been digitally copyrighted in order to protect the blood, sweat and tears that were spent writing them. If you wish to use my writing on your website, or reference it, you may do so providing you clearly attribute the work to this website (please check the CC licence at the end of any of my articles for more information). I’d love to see where and how you have employed my literature, so please feel free to drop me a line and show me where it ends up!