Top 10 Reasons You’re Better Off Single

There are two ways of looking at everything, and every curse is a blessing in disguise (in some ways). Instead of focusing on what you’ve lost, it’s time to smile and think of everything you stand to gain. What better way to beginning you new life away from an addictive relationship than by grabbing it by the cojones and improving it dramatically? Without further a-do I bring you ten surefire reasons you’re better off single.

Get Your Ex Back The Right Way

The Internet has been awash in recent years with a veritable tide of relationship quick-fix solutions that cater to a desperate crowd because they know it sells. This preying usually

How To Get Over An Addictive Relationship

All relationships are, to some extent, addictive. Almost every (it isn’t always the case) dumpee I have spoken too has admitted that despite the trauma and pain caused by the relationship breakup, they know their relationship had dwindled into something unhealthy and patently unhappy for all involved.

Despite this, and despite the fact that they may wish to move on entirely, they feel caught in a web of emotions that are dependent on the actions and thoughts of others. Even when they caress the thought of once more being in control, all it takes is a smile, a rumor, or fleeting (crumbs) contact to send a dumpee into a renewed spiral of pain and mental anguish.

Beginning to find peace is not a question of closure and it most certainly does not require reconciliationRelease requires a tremendous amount of self-discipline. Instead of scouring the web for articles that may offer you an umbrella while a category five storm threatens to drown you, let’s draw an objective line and do what needs to be done to salvage your strength, dignity and health.