How To Avoid The Friend Zone

The friend zone is one of those commonly used relationship phrases that I have a fundamental problem accepting. While I acknowledge that men and women can form platonic friendships, and that dating can often progresses towards this scenario rather than romance, the idea that friendship dampens attraction is confusing to me. My general subjective take is the following; if […]

Real Signs Of Love From A Girl

I am neither a player, nor am I as promiscuous as I’d often like to be. As with all things, attraction can be hit and miss and there are no absolutes to guide you safely into a new romantic harbor. What I can bring to the table involves personal experience, research, the willingness to fail […]

The Five Stages Of Grief After A Break Up

The kubler-ross cycle of grief is very well documented in relationship breakups, especially if you were the one to be dumped (but not exclusively). Outlining the stages is both very simple, and very complex, because falling “back down the ladder”, from — say — sadness (stage four) to bargaining (stage two) occurs frequently, and can cause the […]

Real Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

The main problem I find with many articles written on the same topic strewn around the Internet is that they tend to deal with absolutes. For instance, some articles will claim that the resurgence of contact is a solid indication they want to keep their foot in the door, others claim the opposite and urge dumpees to […]

Will My Ex Boyfriend Miss Me?

In almost every break up scenario separation will lead to a degree of missing the other person, even if there is no real desire to reconcile or repair the relationship on behalf of the dumper (more on this later). The primary risk that dumpees run is over-analyzing post-breakup contact and confusing the dumper’s care and […]

How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out

You’ve exchanged fleeting, repeated and perhaps even smiling glances. The body language is good, and interest seems at healthy levels. Your romantic horizon looks promising — but there’s a problem. Has hasn’t asked you out yet, and you get the impression that perhaps he never will. What’s going on? The answer may depend on your […]

Quotes About Getting Over Someone

One of the greatest realizations when plummeting through post-breakup trauma is that ultimately despair has cursed everyone capable of love. It changes the way we look at certain people — and ourselves — forever. Even the greatest of thinkers, writers and celebrated romantics have felt the touch of the void. Perhaps just knowing that what […]

How To Get Him Back After A Break Up

When it comes to getting your ex boyfriend back, you will almost always be your worst enemy. Chances are before having read this article you will committed a few foul-ups borne of trauma and panic which can lead to a further distancing on his behalf. There are two distinct scenarios which will require different strategies, we’ll deal […]

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