Fixing A Relationship After Being Cheated On

I find that generalizing about infidelity can be difficult given how  episodes of cheating are usually the symptom of a larger relationship problem (that only you can objectively assess). Nevertheless, there is one thing we can absolutely sure about, and that is that the relationship has forever changed. If we consider where the past has landed us, […]

My Ex Went Back To His Ex, Now What?

You’ve been warned, this article is going to read like an exercise in pain for those looking for sunbeams of hope regarding an ex who has fled to an ex. While I usually try and contextualize the good and the bad together, this particular scenario is a personal favorite, but unfortunately in the negative sense. […]

5 Subtle Ways To Show Your Ex You’ve Changed

Breakup trauma is often a potent catalyst for change, and chances are that the deep well of emotional silence that follows separation has caused you to become objective about aspects of the relationship that you initially took for granted. Should change have realistically occurred (and you aren’t simply attempting to manipulate interest in order to […]

How To Fix A Love Hate Relationship

Most of us will agree that love should be selfless and unconditionally well-wishing. While all good and well in theory, this kind of idealism ignores a crucial part of our psychological development. Namely, our ability to differentiate between what is good for us, and that which is bad for us. The crux of the matter […]

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