7 Big Signs Of Flirting Over Text (Or Online)

flirting signs over text

Welcome to a brave new world where flirting is shifting ever further into the virtual. You don’t have the advantage of judging your partner in crime’s intent based on their body language or tone of voice. Instead, like something out of an episode of C.S.I,  we’re left to analyze and scour text messages for potential … Read more

5 Flirting Signs From Guys You Can’t Miss

5 Flirting Signs From Guys You Can't Miss 1

I’m always startled by your quintessential flirting dance. Caressing the thought of romance can make mice out of men, and men out of mice. Breaking free of our comfort zones can make (us) men act in unpredictable ways. However, I do feel there are certain subconscious behaviors that the vast majority of men mimic when … Read more

8 Subtle Signs Your Crush Likes You Too


Determining our odds of romantic success when our own feelings are involved is always a little daunting. Nevertheless, there are a few timeless signs your crush likes you we can depend on to carry us past uncertainty with a modicum of confidence. If a few of these tell-tale behaviors sound familiar, I would suggest upping … Read more

How To Attract A Girl You Like – 5 Rules To Live By

how to attract a girl you like

If you’re stuck watching a girl you like from the sidelines, but have no idea how to approach her or subtly let her know how you feel, consider adding these timeless tips to your agenda. None of these suggestions will require you to put on an act or pretend you are something you patently aren’t, … Read more

How To Impress A Boy You Like – 4 Tips To Treasure

How To Impress A Boy You Like - 4 Tips To Treasure 2

The more time goes by the more I realize just how different us boys really are (I suppose having been one once still qualifies me to write about this topic). The differences are not purely social or culture-based, they are often fueled by now well-documented hormonal and chemical differences. Does this mean we’re all the same? Not … Read more

Top Signs He’s Just Not Into You

Top Signs He’s Just Not Into You

In order to keep my own self-esteem from plummeting during the course of writing this article, I will occasionally take refuge in humor — you’ve been warned (I may be male, but most of these signs cut both ways). Nobody likes the idea of being rejected or neglected, nevertheless it remains the ever-present peril of … Read more

Real Signs Of Love From A Girl

real signs of love from a girl

I am neither a player, nor am I as promiscuous as I’d often like to be. As with all things, attraction can be hit and miss and there are no absolutes to guide you safely into a new romantic harbor. What I can bring to the table involves personal experience, research, the willingness to fail … Read more

First Date Tips To Make A Lasting Impression

First Date Tips To Make A Lasting Impression 3

Whether your dating life is beginning to look like a sadistic and hopeless ground-hog day, or your lack of practice has you a little wild around the eyes — fret not — for you have come to the right place! This is a general, all-purpose guide (with the occasional gem — even if I do … Read more

How To Read Romantic Male Body Language And Attraction

male body language attraction

I may be your quintessential faceless author, but I will confess to being irredeemably male. This article is a mix of research and personal experience, and seeing myself in many of these gestures and situations was quite an eye-opener. Some examples I researched seemed a little far fetched too me, or at least easily misread. … Read more

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