7 Free Relationship Forums And Hotlines That Matter

Relating to an article can be uplifting, but it can only take you so far. I sincerely believe that the rationalization of our feelings coupled with action is the best way to plow through the cycles of healing and grief.

In order to give my readers a better set of breakup relief tools, beyond my usual relationship diatribes, I have done my best to compile a list of free relationship resources that you can tap into right now.

From counseling, to social get-togethers, hotlines and help forums, the Internet era has ushered in a shiny new landscape of opportunity when it comes to emotional support. If you’re looking for something to ease the pain, know that it’s out there — and here’s where it is.

Free Relationship Advice Forums


Loveshack is a fully free relationship community that happens to be my personal go-to hotspot in times of need.
Feedback is swift, the empathy is real and the tips are often golden. Thanks to the site’s architecture individual forums tend to deal with very specific relationship issues (should you so wish), making feedback targeted and useful.

Pros: The forums are constantly busy and brimming with interaction, which means community  support is never long in the coming. The atmosphere is a delicate but functional mix of empathetic and bluntly honest, which is rare for a relationship forum as sprawling as Loveshack’s  is.

Cons: As with any open forum feedback is as useful and diverse as the types of people who visit it. Feedback and discussions can occasionally be something of a mixed bag. Additionally, if you are looking for professional grade support (psychological, legal or financial) a public forum will be of limited use to you.

The Relationship Forums

The Relationship-forums is another popular online support forum which boasts timely feedback thanks to its healthy affluence.

While I don’t use this particular forum, a superficial scan unveils a community that features blunt (if colorful) advice. I had a hard time finding a degree of depth in forum discussions. But again, I have a very limited experience with this forum and might be completely off the mark. If you are an existing member please share your experiences in the comment section!

Let’s Chat Love

Let’s chat love is another budding community for you to call your own. I created an account and enjoyed my time there so far, there seems to be a willingness to be vulnerable and open up without fear, which is no doubt thanks to the sense of intimacy that is fostered here.

It doesn’t seem to be quite as active as Loveshack (yet) though frankly I prefer the overall vibe. If you do end up visiting, don’t forget to say hi to my account there.

Free Relationship Hotlines

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (U.S)

In their own words:

If you need immediate emotional support or want to talk to a caring counselor about what you’re feeling, you can call the Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255). any time, day or night.

The NSPL offers free professional crisis  support in areas that a public forum is woefully unequipped to tackle.

If you are suffering from an unsustainable amount of emotional distress (even if suicide is not on the table), remember that they WANT you to call. Unfortunately, this hotline, while free, is only available to U.S residents.

[alert-note]Interested? You can find all the necessary contact information here (as well as everything else regarding the hotline itself).[/alert-note]

Samaritans (U.K and Ireland)

The Samaritans offer their support open-endedly, which means you are free to talk about anything you like. Relationship stress, along with the depression which often accompanies it, are perfectly relevant subjects to bring up.

The main gist of their support is as follows:

Sometimes what you’d really like is someone just to listen without judging you.

Maybe then you’d figure out the answer yourself, or at least have got a load off your mind. That’s what we’re here for.

Which makes me think that those who are looking for specific answers may need to search elsewhere for their holy grail. Nevertheless, operators do undergo rigorous training and are qualified to deal with the ins and outs of stress management.

Lifeline (Australia)

Lifeline provides Australian residents with emotional relief on a broad spectrum of topics. In their own words:

Somewhere in Australia there is a new call to Lifeline every minute. People call Lifeline’s 24 hour crisis support service 13 11 14 about many things including:

  • Feelings of loneliness.
  • Depression.
  • Trauma.
  • Stress.
  • Suicide.
  • Abuse.

To get in touch with Lifeline please consult their list of available options directly on their website.

International Toll-Free Numbers

Befrienders is an international organization that offers crisis prevention and emotional support for those in dire straits. Their mission is primarily that of:

… giving a person the opportunity to explore feelings which can cause distress, the importance of being listened to, in confidence, anonymously, without prejudice…

As with the other hotlines listed, these numbers are aimed at those who are experiencing acute emotional trauma. If you are struggling to maintain emotional control, drop the guilt and give them a call.

The website offers a nifty drop down menu that provides contact information for most countries. Chances are great they have a local chapter able to address your needs.

Relationship Support Groups

Breakup Survivor

Researching this article had its upsides, perhaps the most glaring benefit was finding this little (and colorful) gem of a website.

Not only is their initial how far along the breakup are you quiz informative and fun. They also offer a thriving and very supportive breakup support group.

Breakup survivor offers gender segregated group support. Despite my initial skepticism over this sexual apartheid a closer look reveals that this seems to be working very well for everyone involved. Hoo-ahh!

Daily Strength Breakups & Divorce Support Group

Despite its somewhat antiquated and cramped layout, Daily Strength’s breakups and divorce support group is teaming with activity (pictured right).

Becoming a member of Daily Strength means getting access to far more than just this particular support group. Among the over 500 other topics you get free access to are other subjects that can walk hand-in-hand with relationship turmoil.

  • Depression.
  • Alcoholism.
  • Sex.
  • Anxiety.
  • And more…

As a free service, there is little to complain about (other than giving me something of an eye-sore).

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