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Bad Reasons To Call After A Breakup

I can count the number of good reasons to call on one hand. Although it may seem a cold and inhuman reaction to dealing with a complex connection, my gripe with post-breakup communication isn’t ubiquitous or paranoid. There really are good reasons to call, but chances are ours isn’t one of them. The breakup was… Continue reading

Why Is My Relationship So Boring?

On the surface, complaining about boredom can seem trivial in the great scheme of relationship things. Except it isn’t, and it’s slowly driving you insane. Initially, it feels like a small but steadily growing avalanche of generalized anxiety. As this state of stagnancy continues, and the weeks turn into months, it can grow into something… Continue reading

Does Ignoring An Ex Really Work?

I’ve been longing to write this article given how the vast majority of feedback and contact I receive seems to revolve around the idea that ignoring an ex is a timeless and proven stratagem to get them back. The short answer is a resounding maybe. Happily, the long answer is far more telling. Theoretically Plausible… Continue reading

Should I Meet My Ex For Coffee?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, whether it’s been hours, weeks or years, meeting an ex for coffee will always mean something more than just a simple catch-up (even if we convince ourselves that’s all it really is). It’s a chance to see how things have progressed, where life is taking them and how we will… Continue reading