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How To Write A Winning No Contact Letter

No contact letters are an important and often overlooked step towards regaining emotional self-sufficiency. If enacted correctly, a well-crafted no contact letter will greatly improve our chances at either reconciling or moving on, regardless of what current expectations are. And here’s why… Restoring Trust The foundation of a functional no contact letter is rooted in… Continue reading

How To Stop Dreaming About Your Ex

Make no mistake about it, breakups are traumatic. Dreams that are haunted by an ex are an entirely natural, if draining and painful sign of post-traumatic stress. No, we aren’t going insane. In this article I’ll attempt to illustrate why these dreams are necessary and how to reduce the chance of them occurring in the… Continue reading

How To Deal With A Confusing Ex

Once a romantic connection is severed it is common for the emotional playing field to become littered with manipulation, mind games, insecurity and confusion. But it needn’t be this way, and there are things you can do to get the answers you need (although not those you necessarily want). If you’re frustrated with an ex… Continue reading