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Here’s Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Seem To Care

You’ve racked your brains over the problem, and no, it isn’t just a bout of insecurity. He is distant. He is also potentially resentful, passive aggressive, snarky, drained, unmotivated and uninspired. What’s going on? Well, that would depend… He’s Sitting On His Resentment Remember that argument you had last year? Not that one, the other… Continue reading

Moving On From The End Of A Relationship

A practically minded person will understandably claim that moving on is as much a physical act, as it is a philosophical one. There’s that. But then there’s also something else, something more personal. Something irrational, the ever present emotional wildcard we can’t quite come to grips with. What if we paired this time-will-heal-all-wounds passivity (that… Continue reading

7 Common Types Of Mind games Exs Play

Welcome to the post-breakup wasteland, where nothing is quite as it seems and intentions are masked with layers of emotional camouflage. This article is my attempt at punching through the fragile defenses of several typical mind games. As always, if nothing else, I hope this serves as food for thought. On with the show! 1…. Continue reading

How To Tell A Guy You Don’t Like Him (The Right Way)

I’ve become increasingly appreciative (although not always in the short-term, nobody is particularly fond of having their ego served back to them on a platter, but in the long-run — definitely) of women people who know how to shut down a romantic avenue that they know is leading nowhere, fast. However, I do understand that… Continue reading