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Why Dumpers Act So Cold And Distant

One minute they’re there and the next they’re not — it’s as simple as that. The person who you grew to love and know has now seemingly disappeared, replaced by something colder, resentful and distant. A frigid shadow of the person you used to know. Perhaps the most confusing aspect of this overnight transformation is… Continue reading

Does Ignoring An Ex Really Work?

I’ve been longing to write this article given how the vast majority of feedback and contact I receive seems to revolve around the idea that ignoring an ex is a timeless and proven stratagem to get them back. The short answer is a resounding maybe. Happily, the long answer is far more telling. Theoretically Plausible… Continue reading

5 Subtle Ways To Show Your Ex You’ve Changed

Breakup trauma is often a potent catalyst for change, and chances are that the deep well of emotional silence that follows separation has caused you to become objective about aspects of the relationship that you initially took for granted. Should change have realistically occurred (and you aren’t simply attempting to manipulate interest in order to… Continue reading