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One of the most dispiriting aspects of running a website on relationship advice is the sheer volume of private messages from readers that are looking for support on cases of domestic violence.

Unfortunately, I am certainly not qualified to offer legal or logistical support to those who need it. What I can do however, is offer a concise list of easily accessible solutions that can.

For readers who are uncertain about what constitutes a case for domestic violence, here is an enlightening excerpt from it’s legal definition: Any abusive, violent, coercive, forceful, or threatening act or word inflicted by one member of a family or household on another can constitute domestic violence.

If you’re still unsure whether or not to take action, please consult this informative guide on signs of  domestic violence abuse.

National Domestic Violence Resources (U.S)

State by state domestic violence hotlines

1. The Hotline

The Hotline offers a handy state-by-state breakdown of local support hotlines and centers, as well as a nation-wide number (1.800.799.SAFE). Help is available around the clock, seven days a week, in English or Spanish (but translator services extend support to over 170 different languages).

2. Loveisrespect

Loveisrespect (.org) is a national teen dating abuse hotline that offers text messaging and direct call support. The website itself is not merely a billboard for their support options however, but also does a good job of contextualizing how rampant abuse is in the 16-24 age bracket.

Nearly 1.5 million high school students nationwide experience physical abuse from a dating partner in a single year.

Click here for more statistics on teen domestic abuse.

3. National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)

The NCADV offer another useful state-by-state coalition list that will undoubtedly allow you to find a local solution.

4. Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women (DAHMW)

Much like the aforementioned hotlines, DAHMW offers free, around the clock support for all cases of domestic abuse.

However, the reason I chose to include them in this hand-picked list is because they specialize in supporting cases where men are the victims of domestic abuse. This obviously does not mean they are not qualified to handle female cases, but I do feel that male readers might find a little something extra in DAHMW’s service.

International Domestic Violence Hotlines

International Directory Of Domestic Violence Agencies

Despite the rather dated design (don’t be fooled), the IDDVA offers an unparalleled wealth of information for any victim of domestic abuse (or anyone who wishes to contribute to the cause by volunteering).

The website features an interactive map which you can use to open a list of national and local hotlines. Information is presented in over 100 languages, making it a truly global resource.

Domestic Abuse Shelters


WomensLaw provides a statewide and local database of shelters for victims who need to leave the house but have nowhere else to go.

Providing legal information and support to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. – WomensLaw Mission Statement.

Not only is the website a fantastic portal to a solution near you, it also hosts a great deal of information about domestic violence itself. Including:

  • Legal advice (preparing for court, statues, papers, e.t.c).
  • The nature of abuse.
  • Staying safe (best practices).
  • How to volunteer or donate.

WomensLaw is a one-stop solution to abuse scenarios of many different kinds.

Other Useful Hotlines

National sexual assault hotline: 1.800.656.HOPE

Child Abuse hotline: 800.4.A.CHILD (800.422.4453)

Rape And Incest hotline: 800.656.4673

Suicide Prevention hotline: 800.273.TALK (800.273.8255)

Runaway / homeless youth hotline: 800.RUNAWAY (800.786.2929)

[alert-warning]Please remember: If it’s an emergency call 911 first (or your country’s police hotline).[/alert-warning]

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