65 Reasons Why Being Single Is Great

Whether you’ve just been dragged kicking and screaming back into the land of singledom, or just doing a spot of existential soul-searching, welcome aboard!

Without further a-do, I give you my hand-picked selection of reasons that I feel being single is great, and in no way a temporary state of emotional depression. This isn’t about looking on the bright side, it’s already sunny in the land of singledom.

On Fulfillment

1. You no longer need to seek external emotional validation.

2. You no longer need to compromise.

3. You can be yourself without being made to feel guilty.

4. No more mind games.

5. Your imperfections, quirks and eccentricities are now character-forming advantages, not weaknesses.

6. You’re open to any experience, or to any offer, that you choose to explore.

7. You free yourself from co-dependence.

8. You can redefine your goals and desires any way you want.

9. You are no longer at the receiving end of projected insecurity or guilt games.

10. You have all the time in the world.

11. You can start fresh.

12. You can indulge in temptation.

13. You can seek adventure, fulfillment and exploration over emotional security and control.

You do not need to be loved, not at the cost of yourself. The single relationship that is truly central and crucial in a life is the relationship to the self. Of all the people you will know in a lifetime, you are the only one you will never lose. – Jo Courdert

15. You will have faced, and ultimately conquered your innate fear of abandonment.

On potential and freedom

16. No more money sinks.

17. You can be whatever you desire to be (and thus attract whatever you want to attract).

18. Freedom from emotional responsibility.

19. You can change country, city or hemisphere on an impulse.

20. You invest in yourself.

21. Fear of rejection is greatly diminished (you will have had to confront and overcome trauma on your path back to singledom).

22. Overcoming trauma is the single greatest opportunity to learn and grow we have.

23. Eat, drink and be merry.

24. Re-aquaint yourself with ailing social-circles and long-lost friends.

25. Take a time-out, anytime and anywhere (without having to haggle with your partner’s insecurity or conditions).

27. You can focus on happiness instead of just emotional survival.

28.  No more draining downward spirals.

29. Your tolerance for bullӣ$% just got a lot lower.

Being Single Is Fun

30. Take advantage of exciting single only events and meet new like-minded people (there are lots!).

31. Flirt with whomever.

32. Attract someone, or something, that better suit your new romantic expectations.

33. Do things for the sheer hell of it.

34. Fail with a smile.

I must learn to love the fool in me, the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries. – Theodore Isaac Rubin

36. Learn how to say no again.

37. Your sleeping patterns and routines are now completely under your control.

38. You can let go. No more incessant grooming and posturing.

39. No more dealing with mood swings (other than your own).

Famous Quotes About Being Single

  • “I like being single, I’m always there when I need me.”  Art Leo

  • “A busy, vibrant, goal-oriented woman is so much more attractive than a woman who waits around for a man to validate her existence.”  Mandy Hale

  • “I celebrate myself, and sing myself.”  Walt Whitman

  • “Being single is pretty good. It’s a nice sense of irresponsibility.” – Michael Douglas

  • “I think, therefore I’m single.” – Liz Winston

The Value Of Time

45. You have far more time for yourself, your hobbies and passions.

46. Every passing day alone is another passive step towards emotional self-sufficiency.

47. You can dedicate time to de-stress and improve your health.

48. No more curfews.

49. You get to dictate your own schedule and routine.

50. Living in the present moment just became a lot easier.

More Reasons Why Being Single Is Great

ex playing mind games51. The only opinion that really matters is your own.

52. Craft a new you without fear or favor.

If you’re not happy being single, you’ll never be happy in a relationship. — Anonymous

54. Improving your self-esteem and re-defining your self-worth.

55. Having on demand privacy and a go-to personal sanctuary is good for your health.

56. No more pent-up resentment thrown at you out of the blue.

57. No longer being used as a punching bag for someone else’s stress.

58. You wont take yourself, and your owns efforts, for granted.

It’s All In The Details

59. Using the bathroom with the door open.

60. Walking around your house naked (a luxury!).

61. Doing the couch potato routine (TV or Netflix marathons)

62. No food sharing or haggling.

63. Not having to wait on anyone before going to an appointment.

64. Join or leave the party — whenever.

65. More money (and less attributed guilt) to spend on impulse shopping sprees.