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Should I Meet My Ex For Coffee?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, whether it’s been hours, weeks or years, meeting an ex for coffee will always mean something more than just a simple catch-up (even if we convince ourselves that’s all it really is). It’s a chance to see how things have progressed, where life is taking them and how we will… Continue reading

How To Fall In Love Again In A Relationship

Maintaining romance, particularly in a long-term relationship, is a deceptively difficult task. On the one side routine and co-dependency (the psychological component) can slowly whittle away at the heady, passionate edge of a romantic partnership. On the other, the natural transition through the three stages of love (the chemical and hormonal component) can also greatly… Continue reading

5 Subtle Ways To Show Your Ex You’ve Changed

Breakup trauma is often a potent catalyst for change, and chances are that the deep well of emotional silence that follows separation has caused you to become objective about aspects of the relationship that you initially took for granted. Should change have realistically occurred (and you aren’t simply attempting to manipulate interest in order to… Continue reading

5 Things To Consider Before Getting Back Together With Your Ex

Getting back together is a delicate process that is often blinded by grief, hope and uncertainty. This article is my opinionated attempt at bringing the subjective into the realm of the objective, in the hopes of crystallizing your decisions about reconciliation. 1. What’s been fixed? Breaking up can lead to an existential battle between two… Continue reading

Should I Get Back With My Ex?

Getting back together with your ex should never be a forgone conclusion. Even if the chance presents itself, it is all to easy to let hope and fear lead us off the cliff of reason into yet another downward spiral. Then, of course, there’s the flip-side. While there’s a reason that the relationship came to… Continue reading