How To Fix Trust Issues In A Relationship

The problem with dealing with the majority of trust issues is that they stem from personal insecurity that predates the relationship. Past experiences can mold our character defensively in ways

Bad Reasons To Call After A Breakup

I can count the number of good reasons to call on one hand. Although it may seem a cold and inhuman reaction to dealing with a complex connection, my gripe

Why Is My Relationship So Boring?

On the surface, complaining about boredom can seem trivial in the great scheme of relationship things. Except it isn’t, and it’s slowly driving you insane. Initially, it feels like a

Fixing A Relationship After Being Cheated On

I find that generalizing about infidelity can be difficult given how  episodes of cheating are usually the symptom of a larger relationship problem (that only you can objectively assess). Nevertheless,

Signs You’re Being Taken For Granted In A Relationship

Familiarity breeds contempt. And, as fate would have it, there is no greater familiarity than between long-term romantic partners, making the entire emotional farmland fertile grounds for needless tragedy. I

Does Ignoring An Ex Really Work?

I’ve been longing to write this article given how the vast majority of feedback and contact I receive seems to revolve around the idea that ignoring an ex is a

Can Exs Be Friends And Get Back Together?

Remaining friends after a breakup can initially seem like a great idea. You get to quell the terrible sense of waste that denotes a failed romance (it wasn’t all for

Should I Meet My Ex For Coffee?

Let’s be honest with ourselves, whether it’s been hours, weeks or years, meeting an ex for coffee will always mean something more than just a simple catch-up (even if we

The Dos And Don’ts Of Falling In Love With A Friend

Ouch! It may never have been your intention, but here we are in a tangled emotional conundrum, brimming with dilemmas and cliff-edges. Before I even begin to detail the dos

How To Fix A Love Hate Relationship

Most of us will agree that love should be selfless and unconditionally well-wishing. While all good and well in theory, this kind of idealism ignores a crucial part of our

Free National Domestic Violence Hotlines And Shelters

One of the most dispiriting aspects of running a website on relationship advice is the sheer volume of private messages from readers that are looking for support on cases of