Amazing Breakup Songs About Moving On

We all curse the rawness of our emotions for torturing us after a painful breakup. Our eyes haunt us, our touch betrays us and our sense of smell suffocates us. However, despite the odds, we can attempt to have our senses work for us — not against us.

This article is my attempt to turn the sensorial tide with the help of five inspiring songs about moving on. In no particular order…

Lionel Richie – Easy

This song, to me, highlights the joy of release that surrendering to our fate can generate. It is a timeless tribute to becoming “easy” about our predicament, and the acceptance that we did all we could, without the burden of guilt.

Radiohead – Pyramid Song

Perhaps I’ve veered a little towards the depressive rather than the uplifting here, however this song does tend to cheer me up. What this song means to me is indubitably personalized.The fragmented rhythm recalls the turbulent oscillation of post-breakup emotion. The lyrics revolve around the eventual assimilation of meaningful memories and feelings and general acceptance of our fate (and not in a negative or numb way). Then again, perhaps that’s just me!

Duran Duran – Ordinary World

Ordinary world really strikes a chord with me, and almost perfectly depicts how my routine is torn asunder after a breakup. However, rather than just being an innuendo to the stagnancy and passivity of pain, it incorporates a positive punch which allows me to look to the future knowing that I will eventually plow through, and rediscover the joy of emotional self-sufficiency.

Enya – Time

I’m not quite sure how to categorize this other than to remark at how it manages to soothe the impulsivity of breakup pain. Reminding me that time will might quell the fires of acute grief, but will never remove the selflessness of love. In a sense, time is our best friend when it comes to both potentially reconciling and healing (and not our worst enemy).

5. Adele – I Found A Boy

Rather than a maudlin farewell, this breathtaking display of vocal talent speaks of that moment when you have already picked up the pieces. Of a time when complete and foolproof objectivity forbids you from looking back. Even if you’re not quite there yet, it feels good to know what truly moving on usually sounds like (especially if the breakup was bitter).

More Songs About Moving On

If you enjoyed the songs above, here’s some more of the same.! If you know of any songs that should absolutely make this list, please reference them in the comments and I’ll get around to adding them!

  • Mpeople – Moving On Up
  • Gloria Gaynor – I will Survive (sorry, just had to!)
  • Cee Lo Green – “£$% YOU (For those of you in a particular frame of mind)

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