Unmistakable Signs A Man Is Falling In Love

While it is undeniably true that men come in all emotional shapes and sizes, there are certain behaviors that we simply can’t hide once the fires of attraction have been lit.

If your gut instinct is firing romantic warning shots across your objective bow, consider these hand-picked signs a man is in love (or at the very least attracted).

You’re His Magnetic North

Second guessing male body language is all too easy thanks to a serving of subjective insecurity (it’s oh-so-easy when it’s someone else, isn’t it?), but if you constantly feel like you are the center of attention while he is around — chances are, it’s probably true.

Whether you are met with silence, energy, passion or seeming disinterest, look for a reshuffling of his body in your direction. And I don’t mean this figuratively, but literally.He will rotate his shoulders and chest to face you (even when talking with others), and progressively adjust his entire corporeal alignment (knees, toes) with you in mind.

Having said this, it does cuts both ways. If his entire body is pointing towards the exit, this also may indicate where his intentions lie.

The great thing about the interpretation of body language is that it slices though the confusion that our “civilized clothing” brings to the romantic table. Words and behaviors are easily modified in order to appease fear and insecurity (we don’t want to appear vulnerable), commonly giving the wrong (and often the opposite) impression of our intention.

While an extrovert might greet you confidently and energetically, an introvert who is no less interested might sink further into companionable silence — for the same reason. The jitters. But in both cases you will have their attention.

Love Versus “In Love”

The aforementioned sign is typical of the heady, infatuation stage of a relationship, but is not all-encompassing. In fact, infatuation itself need not occur at all.

One sign that does encompass all forms of love in a man is that he is beginning to show signs of commitment. A man who is merely curious will not actively invest his energy or time in the maintenance of a relationship. Some of these signs might include:

  • Attempting to tie aspects of his routine in with yours.
  • Remembering small details regarding your life and your communication.
  • Offering advice, support and humor in order to make your life easier (this may even transcend into the material, with the offering of small forget-me-not gifts).
  • Trying to look his best, and projecting himself as a romantic candidate (conversations seem to naturally steer towards the romantic side of things).
  • Offering you large portions of his time (time is the only real currency of love). If he doesn’t have time, he will be loathe to end the proceedings open-endedly, and will usually offer to reschedule to a later date.

The Double Take

Insecurity makes a mess of things, especially when it comes to the oldest signal of romantic intent in the book — the thousand yard stare. Unfortunately, for the same reasons outlined in my first point regarding behavior, a man might be too intimidated and fearful of rejection to engage in a no-holds-barred stare down with you, even if he is highly interested.

So, if he isn’t staring me down, how can I tell? You may well ask. Personally, I find that a man who continues to stare in small, mouse-like doses, is signalling just as high a level of interest (attraction) in you as any ten-second glare. The bottom-line is this, if he is interested, he will have a very hard time keeping his eyes off you. Even if he is trying hard to hide his romantic curiosity, it should become awkwardly obvious before long.

If his minute eye-borne letters of love are accompanied by a tentative smile, then — as they say — game on.

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James "the Unknown" Nelmondo is a self-styled relationship enthusiast, former infant, part-time dumper and full-time dumpee.

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