3 Reliable Signs He Wants A Relationship

Are the lines that separate platonic affection and attraction getting a little blurred? Sometimes it can be difficult to tell what a guy’s intentions are, especially with regard to our own sense of romantic well-being (it’s always easy to tell when its someone else, isn’t it?).

Here are three good signs he wants he wants to upgrade your friendship to something a little more personal!

He Shows Early Signs Of Commitment

A man seeking a relationship will usually begin to show some tell-tale signs of commitment. Be on the look-out for signs that he wants to give your connection a little more structure:

  • He takes a genuine interest in your passions, hobbies and day-to-day routine (bonus points if he offers to join you on any of the aforementioned points).
  • He initiates contact and responds promptly to yours.
  • If he can’t make it to an appointment he will offer to reschedule.
  • He always makes sure any conversation (including online) goes full circle, without disappearing half-way through.
  • He strives to make you part of his routine.
  • He always seems to have time for you, and if he doesn’t he’ll make it.

In general, there should be a subtle shift from the heady and hedonistic, to a new relationship based on mutual responsibility and growth.

Sharing Is Caring

Nothing spells an uptick in romantic intent like a man who shares the ins and outs of his life with you. Taking the time to build trust, loyalty and a history require a high degree of effort that would rarely be employed unless he was working towards the goal of building a romantic relationship.

  • He shares his fears and insecurities with you.
  • He shares his dreams and goals.
  • He spends, or is willing to spend, a significant portion of his free time with you.
  • He values your opinion and acts on it.
  • He involves you in his day-to-day decision making process.

The bottom-line is that our time and energy are the single greatest indicators of romantic intent. The more time we “spend” on someone the greater the importance we attribute to it. The simple act of his being there is the most transparent and selfless display of affection.

His Body Language Betrays Him

Men are notoriously blind to the subtleties of body language. In my article on decoding male body language I discuss several behavioral clues that betray romantic interest. To summarize, here are a few examples of timeless behaviors to look out for:

  • Open and relaxed posture.
  • Steady eye contact.
  • He shows his palms (a subconscious way of inducing trust, and indicate that he is not a threat).
  • He may punctuate humor or understanding with the use of touch.
  • Thumbs in his pockets (subconscious way of “showing off” the breadth of his shoulders, and a sign of insecurity).
  • He mirrors your actions, posture and tone of voice (known in Neurolinguistic circles as mirroring).
  • He leans towards you conspiratorially.
  • He tends to face you, even when you are both surrounded by other people.

While you may not consciously be able to pick up most of these signs in the heat of the moment, a part of your mind is always cataloging unconscious body language and sifting through its meaning. For this reason, if your gut tells you he is interested, he probably is.


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