8 Subtle Signs Your Crush Likes You Too

Determining our odds of romantic success when our own feelings are involved is always a little daunting. Nevertheless, there are a few timeless signs your crush likes you we can depend on to carry us past uncertainty with a modicum of confidence.

If a few of these tell-tale behaviors sound familiar, I would suggest upping the ante as the odds would seem to be in your favor!

1. You have their attention

While it is not a surefire sign that they are falling in love with you (yet), if you notice they give you their undivided attention while talking or interacting, they definitely find you interesting.

If your crush is interested in you, they will be wary of how they will be judged and will not run the risk of alienating you.

If they are busy and don’t have time for a chat, they will take the time to tell you why they are leaving. They won’t just fade into the shadows and bail.

This is equally true with social networks. While platonic friends log off and on without giving you a heads up, someone who is crushing on you will rarely leave without a goodbye, or by postponing contact to another date.

2. The double Take

Verbal attention is only one side of the coin. If your crush  reciprocates your feelings they will be hard pressed to keep their eyes off you — even in social gatherings.

Even if you’ve never met, look for repeat looks. If you notice that you lock stares a little more often than normal, give them a wide smile, it may encourage them to start a conversation and feel less threatened by potential rejection.

3. The body doesn’t lie

Forget the banter. Understanding body language is an excellent way to suss out intention. Here are a few great signs your crush likes you too:

  • They turn their body to face you, even when other people are around.
  • They open their posture and pay attention (if their posture is closed, bear in mind they could be self-conscious, nervous or cold).
  • They make you feel like a stand-up comedian.
  • Prolonged, sustained eye-contact.
  • They don’t fidget, slouch or look past you while talking. A noticeable exception would be preening. If you catch your crush playing with their hair or shirt buttons, chances are they are attempting to impress you with a timeless display of subconscious body language.

Focus on the feeling you get from them rather than what is being said. The gut is often right.

4. Touchy Feely

Breaching the touch barrier is usually a phenomena limited to close friends, partners, family and flirting. If your crush initiates or reciprocates casual touches, it is usually a sign they are both interested and comfortable in your presence.

Even momentary impersonal caresses are telling. Be on the look out for someone who likes to punctuate a point by giving you “ye olde” touch. Bear in mind that some people are shy, and may feel subconsciously threatened by the touch barrier. If your crush is reserved and shy, don’t look into their lack of touch too much, it may take time!

5. Why thank you!

Are you often on the tail-end of a barrage of compliments (even indirect ones)? Compliments are a safe way of telling someone we admire them without incurring rejection. The nature of the compliment is also a telling indicator of what their intentions are.

Even more telling is when a crush begins to imitate you subtly. Suddenly, they know all about your interests, and are enthusiastic about your hobbies and passions. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery when it comes to dating, and a surefire sign they are beginning to develop feelings.

6. They’re everywhere

If they start appearing everywhere on your radar, chances are it isn’t only your brain developing manic pattern-seeking abilities. If your crush likes you too they may start taking note of what you’re day-to-day routine looks like, and begin to shape theirs around yours in an effort to bump into you more often.

Particularly bold individuals may even suggest developing a daily routine together (such as meeting up for lunch). If your crush is subtly beginning to erect a routine which includes you, take it as an extremely good sign you’re onto something good.

7. Time is the most precious commodity we have

The only currency worth worth investing in when looking for signs of romance is time. A crush who is interested will move mountains in order to spend more time with you. Judging how big of a priority you are is easy when you consider how much attention and time you are freely given.

If your crush postpones other appointments in an effort to spend more time with you, it’s safe to say you’re definitely making a great deal of headway up their personal priority list.

Spending time together is not only a fantastic signal because they are acting (and not just pondering) upon their interest, it is also a powerful romantic catalyst. Time will begin to slowly build a shared history, create a plethora of inside jokes and cement a new safe zone where romance and judgment become increasingly natural.

8. Cant… Stop… Smiling

Both consciously and chemically, if your crush likes you too, they will come to associate your presence with something overwhelmingly positive.

If the mere sight of you is enough to make them want to wink childishly, things are looking rosy. This is especially true is your conversations are a bountiful laughter-fest when nothing especially funny was actually said.

Even if you don’t know each other, a simple smile is enough to convey interest. An unprovoked smile is a direct invitation to up the ante, so why not spin the wheel of fate and initiate a conversation?


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