Why He Stopped Texting You And What To Do About It

man falling into hole

One minute you’re wading through a torrent of half-baked promises, flirtatious innuendos and emojis and the next… Well — the next he’s gone. Poof. Just like that. What happened? Did you scare him off? Did he meet someone else? Is he unwell? Was it something you said? Despite the abrupt ending to your communication, an … Read more

Warning: Signs It’s Just A Fling


It happens to the best of us; one minute things are progressing nicely, the next you’re hung out to try and left with nothing but your own bitterness for company. Is that a possibility? What happened? What went wrong? What did I do? Well, there’s nothing for it, let’s start from the beginning. Onward-ho! Part … Read more

How To Tell A Guy You Don’t Like Him (The Right Way)


I’ve become increasingly appreciative (although not always in the short-term, nobody is particularly fond of having their ego served back to them on a platter, but in the long-run — definitely) of women people who know how to shut down a romantic avenue that they know is leading nowhere, fast. However, I do understand that … Read more

Is Dating After A Bad Breakup A Good Idea?

emotional baggage

Is the age-old adage that in order to get over someone you need to get under someone else true? Even if it isn’t always a certainty, at the very least, can it help? The problem with all this, to me, is what asking these kinds of questions expose about the fragile underbelly of our intentions. … Read more

Unmistakable Signs A Man Is Falling In Love

signs a man is in love

While it is undeniably true that men come in all emotional shapes and sizes, there are certain behaviors that we simply can’t hide once the fires of attraction have been lit. If your gut instinct is firing romantic warning shots across your objective bow, consider these hand-picked signs a man is in love (or at … Read more

3 Reliable Signs He Wants A Relationship

signs he wants a relationship match

Are the lines that separate platonic affection and attraction getting a little blurred? Sometimes it can be difficult to tell what a guy’s intentions are, especially with regard to our own sense of romantic well-being (it’s always easy to tell when its someone else, isn’t it?). Here are three good signs he wants he wants … Read more

7 Secrets To Writing A Jaw-Dropping Love Letter

writing a love letter

Strong emotions can be difficult to define. Unfortunately, many love letters fall shy of inspiring our partners, because no matter how charged our intent, much is lost in putting thoughts to paper. With this in mind, here are seven solid tips aimed at making your love letter something to be proud of, even if I … Read more

5 Winning Habits: Dating Advice For Smart People

dating advice

Who am I to offer “winning” dating advice you might ask? Good point! The only reason I make the fanciful claim I appear to is because I tend to define successful dating as a measure of how much fun it is as an experience, and not as a means to an end. I also happen … Read more

7 Big Signs Of Flirting Over Text (Or Online)

flirting signs over text

Welcome to a brave new world where flirting is shifting ever further into the virtual. You don’t have the advantage of judging your partner in crime’s intent based on their body language or tone of voice. Instead, like something out of an episode of C.S.I,  we’re left to analyze and scour text messages for potential … Read more

4 Reasons Why Age Differences In Dating Aren’t A Big Deal

4 Reasons Why Age Differences In Dating Aren't A Big Deal 1

While it is undoubtedly true that the perceived threat of a large age difference can play it’s part when it comes to finding a suitable partner, it nevertheless remains a single variable in the evolving and complex algorithm known as a functional long-term relationship. I can’t help but feel that fear and insecurity stemming from … Read more

5 Flirting Signs From Guys You Can’t Miss

5 Flirting Signs From Guys You Can't Miss 2

I’m always startled by your quintessential flirting dance. Caressing the thought of romance can make mice out of men, and men out of mice. Breaking free of our comfort zones can make (us) men act in unpredictable ways. However, I do feel there are certain subconscious behaviors that the vast majority of men mimic when … Read more

8 Subtle Signs Your Crush Likes You Too


Determining our odds of romantic success when our own feelings are involved is always a little daunting. Nevertheless, there are a few timeless signs your crush likes you we can depend on to carry us past uncertainty with a modicum of confidence. If a few of these tell-tale behaviors sound familiar, I would suggest upping … Read more

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