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How To Avoid The Friend Zone

The friend zone is one of those commonly used relationship phrases that I have a fundamental problem accepting. While I acknowledge that men and women can form platonic friendships, and that dating can often progresses towards this scenario rather than romance, the idea that friendship dampens attraction is confusing to me. My general subjective take is the… Continue reading

Why Can’t I Get A Guy?

Approaching a subject as all encompassing as attraction (both intellectual and aesthetic) is very difficult for the simple reason that there are three main actors that contribute to the frustrating world of flirting. In this article I am going to go over what I consider to be the three barriers to attraction, and how they… Continue reading

How To Get A Boy To Ask You Out

I was surprised to receive a few emails from a younger audience since publishing my last article on getting a guy to ask you out. I made a solemn vow to address the discrepancy between attitudes and behavior in men and, well, boys (early twenties and under is my guesstimate). Some turbid introspection made me… Continue reading