What Do Women Want In A Man?

Today is the only day I feel that I have a disclaimer large enough to cover such a broad and frustrating question as what women want (and it isn’t Mel

Do Men Or Women Cheat More?

Today’s article is a little different from my usual opinionated relationship diatribe. Instead, I decided to take a closer look at the objective, statistical world of cheating, and how it measures

Poems About Being Single And Loving It

Whether you’re feeling happy and liberated, or alone and attempting to make the best of your situation, you can’t go wrong with these hand-picked testaments to the joy of singledom!

How To Avoid The Friend Zone

The friend zone is one of those commonly used relationship phrases that I have a fundamental problem accepting. While I acknowledge that men and women can form platonic friendships, and that dating

Real Signs Of Love From A Girl

I am neither a player, nor am I as promiscuous as I’d often like to be. As with all things, attraction can be hit and miss and there are no

Why Can’t I Get A Guy?

Approaching a subject as all encompassing as attraction (both intellectual and aesthetic) is very difficult for the simple reason that there are three main actors that contribute to the frustrating

First Date Tips To Make A Lasting Impression

Whether your dating life is beginning to look like a sadistic and hopeless ground-hog day, or your lack of practice has you a little wild around the eyes — fret

How To Get A Boy To Ask You Out

I was surprised to receive a few emails from a younger audience since publishing my last article on getting a guy to ask you out. I made a solemn vow

How To Get A Guy To Ask You Out

You’ve exchanged fleeting, repeated and perhaps even smiling glances. The body language is good, and interest seems at healthy levels. Your romantic horizon looks promising — but there’s a problem.

Getting Over Someone And Under Someone Else

As you can probably tell from the title, the ebb and flow of this article will be relatively light-hearted. But there are dangers and pitfalls to be wary of along

Top 10 Reasons You’re Better Off Single

There are two ways of looking at everything, and every curse is a blessing in disguise (in some ways). Instead of focusing on what you’ve lost, it’s time to smile and think of everything you stand to gain. What better way to beginning you new life away from an addictive relationship than by grabbing it by the cojones and improving it dramatically? Without further a-do I bring you ten surefire reasons you’re better off single.