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10 Timeless Examples Of Bad Breakup Advice

Without fanfare and further a-do, I give you my hand-picked selection of bad breakup advice. And yes, I’ve been dying to write this one. 1. “Snap out of It” Alright, perhaps even Wim Hoff would have trouble with exercising this amount of control over his autonomic nervous system. And yes, it’s called autonomic for a reason, and […]

Do Men Or Women Cheat More?

Today’s article is a little different from my usual opinionated relationship diatribe. Instead, I decided to take a closer look at the objective, statistical world of cheating, and how it measures up to modern stereotypes about men and women. Personally, and consider this my gut-instinct hypothesis, I’ve always held that the occurences of cheating are relatively equal in men […]

Why Is My Ex Back In Contact?

You spent night-after-night praying by the bed, chained your cell phone to your wrist and generally couldn’t believe it wasn’t ringing with their voice on the other end (despite your gut telling you the phone was about to go off — you just knew it would didn’t you?). Then, when you’ve finally begun to come to terms […]

My Boyfriend Cheated On Me, What Now?

Chances are I certainly don’t have to open the article droning on about how deeply painful cheating can be — you certainly know that already.  Nevertheless, it bears repeating because the trauma can lead us to make impulsive short-term decisions which lead to long-term guilt and anxiety. In this article I will detail what I […]

How To Break Up With Someone You Love

This article will discuss how best to deal with the two biggest problems that breaking up with a loved one can cause. How to deal with the loss and grief that breaking up entails, and how to minimize the pain and torment of the person we’re breaking up with. Correctly tackling both of these scenarios at the outset […]

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