Tips To Help You Get Back Together With Your Ex

While there are no scientifically proven methods of reconciliation that have stood the test of time, there are definitely ways in which we can improve our chances without burying what’s left of our dignity. To the point then, here’s what I won’t be using to make my case: Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): While NLP can have some advantages […]

Why Is My Ex Back In Contact?

You spent night-after-night praying by the bed, chained your cell phone to your wrist and generally couldn’t believe it wasn’t ringing with their voice on the other end (despite your gut telling you the phone was about to go off — you just knew it would didn’t you?). Then, when you’ve finally begun to come to terms […]

My Boyfriend Cheated On Me, What Now?

Chances are I certainly don’t have to open the article droning on about how deeply painful cheating can be — you certainly know that already.  Nevertheless, it bears repeating because the trauma can lead us to make impulsive short-term decisions which lead to long-term guilt and anxiety. In this article I will detail what I […]

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